Welcome to Flarespots!

Strong Relationships, Amazing Creations.

Hello everyone! My name is Ricardo and I am the Director of Flarespots.  

During my almost 13 years as a Software Engineer, I’ve learned that many agencies and companies build a Software project, without providing the future required support to their clients. Also in order to charge more, many Software companies don’t analyze thoroughly along with their clients what their real needs are. This often results in the delivery of an expensive product that does not generate results. 

Many Software companies often pride themselves on using state-of-the-art technologies and trends, without them often being needed or even useful for a final product delivery.  

I created Flarespots to fill these market gaps, and because I believe in healthy and lasting relationships with my clients, accompanying them to succeed according to their needs, through developing and using the right tools. 

Software Engineering is an art, as are music, painting and sculpture. From a simple website, to a project made up of multiple different systems, it’s something that must tailored to each client 

Quote your ideas with us! Book a free consultation meeting below. Welcome to Flarespots!  


Ricardo Vargas 


Welcome to Flarespots!
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Welcome to Flarespots!
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