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You can build a killer website today following these steps.

Today we are going to learn some basics about websites. 

Nowadays, if you don’t have a website, you don’t exist. 

Here’s why. The Internet has changed our lives. People now look into the internet to buy stuff, solve issues, for entertainment purposes, and live on it every day. that is why is vital for any business to have an online presence. 

Statistic: Global digital population as of January 2021 (in billions) | Statista
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Why only having a Facebook account just isn’t enough

Many people say that a Facebook profile or page is enough. Facebook is a great place to be in, but the truth is that it is not enough. Because not everyone is on Facebook, not everyone searches on Facebook and not everyone interacts on Facebook.

Me for example, I use Facebook to promote myself, but I do not use it to search for other businesses that I am interested in. And if you take into account the recent changes to privacy policies from Google and Apple, you’ll realize the importance of not relying solely on your Facebook profile as your business CRM.

Another downside of just having a Facebook account is that Facebook can ban your account for any reason at any point in time (remember Facebook owes you nothing, you are a free user, not their customer). If that happens, you will be gone in an instant and will lose very valuable data points. 

What is the most important function a website must accomplish?

Today is very easy and affordable to have a website. But the key thing is to have a website that converts for you. 

What do I mean by that? Your website must be able to bring you clients and make you money. So my first tip would be to use your website as a gathering tool of first-party data from potential clients.

Data such as emails and other information from people who want to hear your news and are interested in promotions, etc. This will be your data and nobody can ban it or take it away. Depending on how well you structure the gathering of this info, it lets you pre-qualify, better segment, and target your leads.

This info will also allow you to interact with them in a more personal manner, which is critical for brand building. Brand building and awareness are at the same time, critical to your business’s overall success in our path to a “cookieless” world. I will be writing more about this shortly, should you be interested, so stay tuned!

Now back to websites, many people think that a good website is equivalent to a flashy design. A good visual design is great to have, but keep in mind this in itself is not what is going to bring you, customers. 

So what should you focus on? 

  1. As stated before, the first data point to gather is contact emails. Mostly for email marketing, which still is one of the cheapest marketing channels and has one of the highest ROIs (return of investment). Try to do it creatively.
  2. Notwithstanding the current policy changes, changes that put us in a wait-and-see game, we should still connect our website to our social media. That means having your Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Linked Insights, etc., set up. We might be getting away from individual tracking for advertising purposes (especially for macOS users), but that might be substituted by advertising to anonymous groups. You can also use UX tracking systems such as Hotjar, which will help you to see how your visitors interact with your website and how to improve on this.
  3. Its always important to emphasize that everybody should be able to interact with your website and have equal access to your website, no matter if they have any disability or not. You should reflect on user experience and accessibility from the design stage of your website. If you want to know what accessibility is and how you can solve this issue, you can visit this page:
  4. And please… even if this sounds dumb, do not forget to include basic information about your business. You have no idea how many people forget about this. Make sure you are including certain keywords (the more laser-focused, the better) that will boost your SEO.

That’s it for today. Please let me know if you have any questions or if you want me to explore a topic in particular. 

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