Do I need a Web Page, a Web Site or a Web Application?

Do I need a Web Page a Web Site or a Web Application?

You may already have asked that question or maybe you think they are the same (no … they are not).

Let’s check out their differences before answering your question. 

A Web Page is a document built with a programming language called HTML (stands for Hyper Text Markup Language). This document is usually read by a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari, which interprets the HTML code and display the content understandable for humans.

You can add almost anything to a Web Page: images, video, audio, text, you name it, but the content is “static”, that means that it will be always the same unless you change it.

Most Web Pages are merely informative: they contain information that people can see but there’s not much interaction between a person and the page.

Check out this example of a Web Page:

A Web Site is basically a collection of Web Pages that are connected among them. For example: you may need to have a page for an introduction, another one for an image gallery and a third one for contact information.

People interact with Web Sites in a very simple way: they navigate between their different pages, watch some pictures and content and maybe they leave questions or comments. 

Our Web Site can serve you as an example:

Now a Web Application is something more elaborated: people can interact in a deeper way and do lots of stuff with the content. For example, they can create profiles, upload pictures and video of their own, they can create, edit and delete content and do almost anything.

Usually the Web Applications have more complex programming happening on the “back-end” which can be totally transparent to their users. Also they’re usually connected to one or more databases. 

Where can you see a Web Application? Well… Google, Facebook, Twitter, your favorite bank “site”. All of them are great examples.

So, which one is better for you? Same answer: It depends!

To actually answer this question you need to ask yourself another question first: “What do I need?”

If you only need something that display your company name, a picture and some contact information a Web Page will suffice.

If you also require to display more content: more pictures, maybe some videos and text but you don’t want everything to be shown in the same page or section, then you need a Web Site.

If you require of something more complex: you want users that interact with data, users that share and receive more valuable information, or you want to gather information from other databases and/or other software components, then what you definitely need is a Web Application.

Now if you wonder about price, normally a Web Application is more expensive and takes more time to develop because it requires more complexity and knowledge, but that doesn’t mean that the cost of building a single Web Page or a Web Site couldn’t be the same or even higher. It will depend also on the detail and quantity of the information that needs to be inserted.

I hope that this small article may help you to clarify your ideas. If you need advice on this subject or in anything related to using Software to solve a need that you or your company have please don’t hesitate to ping us, we’ll happily help you with that for free without any obligation.

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