Diversity of Abilities

Learn with us about diversity of abilities.

Two weeks ago, we covered what cognitive disabilities are and what people with this type of disability need from developers to be able to access the web equally. This next week, we are going to get into the concept of “diversity of abilities” which lets us understand more clearly that “people may be experiencing varying degrees of auditory, cognitive, physical, speech, and visual disabilities. And how for instance, some may have disabilities from birth, an illness, disease, or accident, others may develop impairments with age. Some may not consider themselves to have disabilities even if they do experience such functional limitations.” (w3.org)

This concept of “diversity of abilities” is important because it substantiates the importance of web accessibility in today’s world, reminding us that we can all suffer from one or various temporary or permanent disabilities throughout life. Apart from our core business, our prime goal is acting as an agent of change. We want to section information that is already out there into more digestible and graphic pieces, dispersing it through social media. So that e-commerce, and especially our Shopify store owner clients, understand the true value of web accessibility… as it is not only a medium to enhance your brand or get to untapped market segments. It is the right thing to do for individuals that unarguably have the right to access information, goods, and services in the way all others do. After all, this might be you at some point in your life.

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