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Are you struggling to get high quality Software products done fast and to get more clients online?

Fact 1

Successful companies are constantly creating or improving their products, and with that comes the need to hire new talent to help them deliver those products on time.

Fact 2

Software development used to be much simpler, but now you need to think of key aspects like a good architecture, user experience (UX design), efficiency and security.

Fact 3

The best products and services don't dominate the market. The best and most advertised ones do.


Companies that struggle to find the key talent to help them meet their goals; end up hiring cheap developers and marketers, go through awful development processes, and worst of all, never reach their customers.

This is how you can work with us!

Since we receive a lot of inquiries, unfortunately we cannot accept all of them. We only work with those companies where we see the greatest potential for success. How it works:

Step 1. Schedule A Strategy Call (For Free)

The main goal: to understand your business, discover your objectives and set up a clear plan to achieve them.

Step 2. Analize if we are a good fit to work together

We want to make sure that we can deliver according to your time, budget and expectations. You should also be a good client to work for.

Step 3. Execute!

If we both agree, we set up our next steps to work on your awesome project!


What our clients say

Rick and his team at Flarespots helped us to upgrade our main and product pages on our Shopify store before we showed it to investors

""Rick and his team at Flarespots helped us to upgrade our main and product pages on our Shopify store before we showed it to investors""​

Hava Horowitz

Co-Founder - Terraseed

"Flarespots became a critical partner in our business by providing us with Software Development and Consulting since we started with our first clients."

José Jiménez

Corporate Lawyer

"I was able to build a couple of e-learning websites that stimulated teenager interest in sports and also helped to identify future sport talents among them."​

Alexander Zamora​

Olympic Committee President for Costa Rica

"Thanks to Flarespots me and my team are able to serve our clients very efficiently, thanks to a tailored application they helped us build that boosts our productivity."​

Carlos Murillo

Debt Collection Attorney







so get in touch!


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